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South Korean actor Jo Min-ki, who recently was accused of sexual harassment, has been found dead at his home. He was 52 and had been accused of molesting multiple students as a string of #MeToo allegations sweep the country. Local police say suicide is suspected.

Jo is best known locally for his TV roles, but he also appeared in a number of films including 2013 success The Attorney. He was due to be questioned by police next week, according to local reports.

He was accused of sexually harassing students at Cheongju University, where he had taught for a number of years. The actor initially denied the claims but subsequently apologized and took blame for the incidents. He then was dismissed from his post and also edited out of a TV series he was filming.

Korea is experiencing a wave of #MeToo outings and controversy. Earlier this week, acclaimed director Kim Ki-duk was accused of rape in a hard-hitting documentary.

SIOURCE: http://deadline.com/2018/03/sexual-harassment-suicide-korea-jo-min-ki-1202322754/