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There have been reports of sexual abuse of power within the PvdA, said party chairman Lilianne Ploumen during Operatie Interview in debate center De Balie on Sunday. “I know that reports have been made and that an investigation was carried out as a result of those reports,” Ploumen said in the Amsterdam debate center. Ploumen talked with journalist Naeeda Aurangzeb, who specifically asked about possible sexual abuse of power in the party.

“Sometimes I know about it, and sometimes I don’t, because that is, of course, part of being the party chairman,” said Ploumen about the reports. She did not say what the reports entailed and where and when they were made.-ADVERTENTIE-

Aurangzeb asked Ploumen about sexual misconduct in her party because she was a guest on TV program M this week. On the program, she said that John de Mol should have been more active in monitoring sexually transgressive behavior on The Voice. “If you ask something of someone else, you have to ask that of yourself too,” said Ploumen. According to her, this is done at the PvdA with independent, confidential counselors and work experience surveys. “I am aware that politics is a pressure cooker, which is attractive on the one hand but can also be intimidating at times,” said Ploumen.

On Thursday, the BOOS episode about sexually transgressive behavior behind the scenes of The Voice of Holland came online. Nineteen women told their story of misconduct by band leader Jeroen Rietbergen to maker Tim Hofman. Fifteen spoke about a director, and two complaints were filed against coach Ali B. One of those complaints involved charges of rape, the prosecutor said in the episode. Former coach Marco Borsato was also accused of groping.